Why Is Everyone Going to CorePower Yoga Right Now?

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The room is dim, illuminated only by candles and string lights. Sweat is dripping off of my body, and I’m jumping up and down to “Umbrella” by Rihanna. Though this may sound like the scene at a trendy nightclub, I’m actually doing a 60-minute class at CorePower Yoga, the latest fitness craze here in New York City.

My TikTok FYP has been flooded with CorePower class reviews as of late, with many users claiming the workouts build muscle and improve mental clarity, while cosplaying as cathartic dance sessions. One TikToker even said CorePower is the hardest workout she’s ever done, but that she can’t stop attending classes. And in the comments? Just as much praise, with people posting things like “CorePower Sculpt is my religion” and “Best class hands down.”

After watching countless videos, feeling the energy and excitement radiating through my phone screen and seeing descriptions of it as the new It girl workout, I decided it was time to give CorePower a shot.

I have historically been a Pilates fan, mostly because I can go from the reformer to running errands with my hair intact. I am aware it’s unrealistic to expect that from every workout, but Pilates, combined with organic cardio from walking in New York City, kept me satiated—until I took my first CorePower Yoga Sculpt class. I assumed it would be like every other yoga class I’ve tried—and disliked—with poses that resembled a game of Twister and a focus on meditation. But CorePower was so much more than that. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you might be wondering: How can a yoga class be that different from the other options on the market?

What is CorePower Yoga Sculpt?

Unlike typical yoga classes, Yoga Sculpt combines cardio, weight training, and specific yoga poses. On top of all the dynamic movement, the classroom is heated—something you should know before going to your first class. And the heat and humidity (the room is between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit) certainly enhance both the class and your results. I leave CorePower feeling like I’ve sweated out every ounce of liquid in my body, and completely rejuvenated. (It’s my top hangover cure for that reason alone.)

What can you expect from the class?

What first drew me to CorePower workouts was the music. The speakers blast a little bit of everything—2000s classics like Britney Spears, current hits, The White Lotus theme song. There’s even an entire class dedicated to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The soundtrack distracted me from the fact that I was working out in a hot box for a full hour.

I’ve now taken dozens of classes at CorePower, and I’ve realized that every class is slightly different, but that they do share a framework. Most start with two types of sun salutation flows, which you go through about three times. In a typical yoga class, a sun salutation transitions through poses like mountain, chair, and downward dog—all slow and stretchy. While the sun salutation in Yoga Sculpt does include these poses, the flows are sped up and can include weights, giving it a mat Pilates feel. The rest of the class includes arm movements, using 3- to 10-pound hand weights (these are just suggestions; you can use any weight you’re comfortable with); moves focusing on the glutes and legs; and a core section at the end, which can involve anything from planks to crunches.

One thing about CorePower I love is that many of the moves, like arm sequences or the sun flows, are repeated throughout a class. This gives me the chance to try them a few times and finally nail them. It can also feel like an upbeat HIIT class at times, during the one or two cardio bursts in a typical class. (Think jumping jacks and high knee moves that transport you back to high school PE.) These workouts truly offer a bit of everything.

The Verdict

Mostly, though, what keeps me coming back to CorePower is the community, as cheesy as that sounds. Unlike other NYC workout classes I’ve been to, where teachers sound preachy and I’m too afraid to ask questions or mess up, at CorePower the instructors give you license to create your own class, including taking breaks when you want or opting out of using weights without facing judgment. They never force you to do any of the moves, and in fact, most start class suggesting a child’s pose or a water break if it ever feels like too much.

The one caveat I will share is that CorePower Yoga classes are not for everyone. The heat of the room can intensify the workout, which is why Yoga Sculpt gets 4.5 stars (out of five) from me (although I personally have begun to crave the heat and the sweat). The quality of the class also depends on the instructor, so I recommend finding some whose styles you love and vibe with. A few of my favorites in New York are Sydney S., Ashley W., and Brenna F.

After about a year of three to four CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes per week, I feel safe saying I will be sweating it out at the studio for years to come. There is something truly refreshing about looking around after a cardio burst and seeing every single other person in the room dripping and breathless, just like you.

Final Rating:

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