We Consider These Scents the Best Colognes, Ever

23 Best Colognes for Men in 2024A lot of power can be found in a simple spritz of cologne: It can tell a lot about a person, or even awaken a long-lost memory. And like the best perfumes of all time, the best colognes are nearly universally beloved for how fantastic they smell. What’s more, these scents are no longer reserved for the men in our lives, but anyone who wants to smell delicious.

“What we see more and more is a non-gendered perfumery. Today, a lot of fragrances are created without any notion of gender,” says Delphine Jelk, perfumer at Guerlain. “For example, Tobacco Honey, which was released recently, was immediately adopted by both men and women alike.”

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Women have worn men’s cologne forever (and vice versa), but Jelk reassures that it matters not who the wearer is, but how they feel in their scent. “I think that you can assert your personality with the perfume you have chosen for yourself. So, if a men’s fragrance is better for you as a woman, you should just go for it,” says Jelk.

Ahead, we round up the 23 best colognes for men—and anyone else who wants to smell fantastic.

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