The Most Iconic “Sex and the City” Episodes


“Valley of the 20 Something Guys” – Season 1, Episode 4

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This is one of the first episodes of the entire series and is a great example of why people love the show. In this episode, the women debate the pros and cons of dating a younger man as they all land dates (or hookups) with 20-something guys. This is also the first episode that includes a Big storyline, and introduces his usual tricks—essentially just being the worst. In one notable scene, the four women talk frankly and hilariously about anal sex in the back of a cab, back when TV didn’t approach these topics as often, especially with female characters.


“The Baby Shower“ – Season 1, Episode 10

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Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are all in their 30s throughout the original Sex and The City run, and viewers rarely get of glimpse of the characters’ younger selves—but “The Baby Shower” grants us with a rare flashback. In this reflective episode, the foursome attend the baby shower of an old friend who was known as a hard partier before moving to Connecticut, and they all manage to do something hilarious and inappropriate. As baby showers do, it brings up thoughts about motherhood for all of them, something many viewers could relate to.


“They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?” – Season 2, Episode 4

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This classic is so easy to watch because of its relatability yet again. In this one, Carrie is chosen at random to be on the cover of the New York Magazine “Single and Fabulous” issue. The cover photo they choose is less than fabulous, however—for her part, Carrie was out partying the night before—and leaves the women scared to stay single forever and searching for a relationship. None of them find anything good, and this one brings up questions like, “Should you settle just so you aren’t alone?” and “Is it okay to be single in your 30s?”

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“La Douleur Exquise!” – Season 2, Episode 12

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One of many episodes that focuses heavily on Carrie and Big, “La Douleur Exquise!” shows Big leaving Carrie heartbroken (for not the first or the last time). Carrie’s situationship with Big is something viewers have always loved watching because it’s a toxic TV relationship that’s still realistic. And, on top of that, the other girls are discussing kinks and fetishes, each in their own way. Once again, this is something that wasn’t done often on mainstream sitcoms and is part of what makes SATC such a groundbreaking show.


“Ex and The City” – Season 2, Episode 18

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“Ex and The City” wraps up season two in a huge way. Carrie says goodbye (for now) to Big when she finds out he’s engaged to Natasha, and they seem to get some closure in a way viewers can relate to. The other storylines are minor but entertaining, and one of the best scenes features the friends getting in their feelings at an NYC bar while drinking cosmopolitans and singing Barbra Streisand.


“Running With Scissors” – Season 3, Episode 11

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After a Carrie and Big affair kind of takes over season three, everything comes to a screeching halt in “Running With Scissors.” In the episode, Natasha catches Carrie in Big’s apartment and chases her, falling down the stairs and breaking a tooth. It’s sad, feels very dramatic but still real, and it brings sympathy to Natasha, not Carrie. Of course, the episode offers a more ridiculous storyline as well, with a man dressed as a sandwich “stalking” Miranda.

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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – Season 3, Episode 12

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Another emotional episode, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” deals with more of the fall-out from the affair. In a dramatic turn of events, Carrie tells Aidan about her infidelity, and chooses, for some reason, to do this on the day of one of her best friend’s weddings (which is actually just classic Carrie). Another sad yet entertaining moment is Charlotte realizing that Trey is impotent and marrying him anyway. In this season, fans really start to realize that Carrie is not always likable.


“The Real Me” – Season 4, Episode 2

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“The Real Me” shows one of Carrie’s most publicly humiliating moments: when she’s invited to walk the runway in a fashion show, and she slips, falls on her face, and has to deal with model Heidi Klum walking over her. It’s an all-time SATC moment, and the overall message of the episode focuses heavily on body positivity, with each of the four women dealing with some sort of personal issue.


“My Motherboard, My Self” – Season 4, Episode 8

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One of the heavier episodes of the show, “My Motherboard, My Self” deals with grief and loss. Miranda’s mother dies, and viewers watch as she struggles with the situation—with many of them likely relating to and finding comfort in it from personal experience. Of course, there’s a more humorous loss explored in the storyline as well so that it’s not all tragedy (Samantha loses her orgasm). It’s a good mix of emotions.

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“Coulda Woulda Shoulda” – Season 4, Episode 11

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This episode also deals with some heavy topics that are relatable for 30-somethings, and in true SATC form, it makes them more entertaining and approachable. Miranda announces her pregnancy to the group with Steve and considers an abortion, Charlotte realizes that she is going to struggle getting pregnant even though she wants to be a mother, and Carrie decides whether or not to talk about her past abortion with Aidan.


“The Post-It Always Sticks Twice” – Season 6, Episode 7

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This episode delivers one of SATC’s most iconic moments: the post-it note that Berger used to break up with Carrie, simply stating, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” Still, the episode is more funny and sweet than dramatic, also showing Charlotte getting engaged to Harry and Carrie getting in trouble for smoking weed.


“The Catch” – Season 6, Episode 8

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For Charlotte fans, this is one of the best episodes of the series, since it centers on Charlotte and Harry’s wedding. Theirs is probably the show’s sweetest and most stable relationship, and it’s nice to see it come together in a wedding that celebrates their love. There are other funny moments as well, like Miranda hiding from Steve’s new girlfriend and Carrie having a bad one-night stand.

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“A Woman’s Right to Shoes” – Season 6, Episode 9

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In this noteworthy episode, Carrie is forced to remove her pricey Manolo Blahnik shoes at a baby shower, only to realize they’ve gone missing when it’s time for her to leave. When the host shames her for spending so much on shoes to begin with, Carrie decides to throw a party where she’s “getting married… to myself!” and registers at Manolo Blahnik.


“Splat!” – Season 6, Episode 18

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Even if you’ve never seen the show, you might be familiar with this episode’s shocking twist: Kristen Johnston makes a guest appearance as a washed-up ’80s socialite who falls to her death through a glass window at a cocktail party. Before the dramatic fall, she famously declares, “I’m so bored I could die.” Meanwhile, Carrie is showing off her new boyfriend, Aleksandr (played by Mikhail Baryshnikov), who wants her to move to Paris with him.


“An American in Paris: Part Deux” – Season 6, Episode 20

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While the series finale didn’t end up being the true finale of the SATC world, it is still often referred to as one of the best series finales on television. It wasn’t over-the-top dramatic or full of huge moments, but it felt sweet, funny, and emotional, and wrapped things up nicely in a way that still left storylines open. Carrie is in Paris trying to make a new life with Aleksandr, while Big flies there to get her back. Samantha is realizing she wants to be with Smith, Charlotte has a hard time with the adoption process, and Miranda is learning to deal with her sick mother-in-law.

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