The 9 Most Comfortable Flats to Wear Instead of Sneakers

I felt an urge to shop Miu Miu’s ballet flats the moment they appeared on the runway. I waited nearly a year after their release, absorbing all the ways other women were styling them, to make sure they’d be more than a one-time wear, before finally ordering mine.

I’ve never been so delighted by a purchase. People often use the word silky to describe satin, and this was the first shoe I thought earned the qualifier. Then there’s the construction of the toe box and the heel, which caressed my foot from the moment I first put them on. With a little pair of ankle socks, I can comfortably wear them all day while soaking in all sorts of praise. (Most commonly, “Mrs. Prada would approve!”)

Sizes: 6–10

Colors: Pink and black (at Nordstrom); cocoa, lake blue, black, red, and white (at Miu Miu)

Materials: Leather, satin, elastic band