The 5 Best Interior Design Trends to Shop in 2024

Home decor is a manifestation of personal style, and 2024’s interior design trends provide even more ways to express your point of view—boldly.

The accent walls and mid-century modern furniture that ruled 2023’s interior design trends aren’t disappearing entirely. But in the upcoming year, we can say goodbye to standard design rules and all-minimal-everything. Embrace clashing patterns, chrome counters, ultra-luxurious materials, and maximalism. Whether that means trading in beige soft sheets for a Barbiecore pink bedding set, or adding bow-adorned wallpaper to your kitchen a lá Sandy Liang, nothing is off-limits in 2024.

Like a fun pair of heels or sparkly party dress, 2024’s home trends are all about embracing creativity and fun. With expert input from interior designers and trend predictors, explore the five most popular interior design trends of 2024 that will help you express your individuality through your space.

2024 Interior Design Trend: Kitschy Kitchens

modern kitchen interior with bright coloured cabinets, window with garden view, 3d rendering

Oleksandr Shcherban//Getty Images

Gone are the days of clean marble and white walls in the kitchen. In 2024, we can expect to see more personality, color, and spunk in this essential area.

“We’re going to say goodbye to farmhouse kitchens, and hello to Kitschy Kitchens, or what we like to call ‘Kitschens,’” says Pinterest global trends and insight lead Sydney Stanback. “A way that people can tap into this trend is through incorporating thrifted finds, vintage appliances and eye-jarring pops of paint into their kitchen designs and cooking areas.”

Pink Chunky Cup & Saucer
Gustaf Westman Objects Pink Chunky Cup & Saucer
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SMEG 50’s Style Retro FAB 10 Refrigerator
Cookware Set
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Whimsical Tumbler Glasses
Sprezz Whimsical Tumbler Glasses
Baby Bow Wallpaper
LoveShackFancy Baby Bow Wallpaper
La Cocotte Heart Dutch Oven
Staub La Cocotte Heart Dutch Oven

2024 Interior Design Trend: Plenty of Patterns

tea tray on table with patterned table cloth under red light shade

Harrison Eastwood//Getty Images

Clean white walls are on their way out. “Having languished in the realm of neutrality for what feels like an eternity, we’ve witnessed the rise and subsequent demise of farmhouse, mid-century modern, and the all-encompassing minimalism craze. The universal aesthetic is teetering on the edge of ‘been there, done that,’” says Danielle Walish, Havely’s VP of merchandising and product design. “People are craving homes with character, personality, and a bit of oomph–a bold departure from the subdued styling that has held sway for too long.” Now, it’s time for a pattern on pattern (on pattern) renaissance.

“We’re not just talking about a small print here and there,” Walish elaborates. “It’s all about mixing it up–upholstery, textiles, wallpaper and beyond. From classic stripes to whimsical florals, modern motifs to organic botanicals. It’s all about making a statement.”

Mallow Pink Stripes Duvet Cover
Tekla Mallow Pink Stripes Duvet Cover
Courtly Check Enamel Teakettle
MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Teakettle
Vienne Velvet Bruna Sofa
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Josephine Organic Cotton Hand Towel
BAINA Josephine Organic Cotton Hand Towel
Peel + Stick Wallpaper Roll
The Inside Peel + Stick Wallpaper Roll

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Blue Fluted Plain Salad Plate
Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Plain Salad Plate

2024 Interior Design Trend: Master Metals

First chrome metallics came for statement earrings, then they came for home interiors. In 2024, metallic hues will enter living spaces in a new, big way.

“A trend that we’ve been seeing pop up recently, specifically within the fashion space–thanks to a certain very iconic artist who was on tour this summer–is cool silver tones. And cool silver tones and bold chrome will continue to grow in 2024, but will also evolve into the home category,” Pinterest’s Stanbuck says. “People trade in their trusty neutrals for something a bit more hardcore. We especially see that Gen Z and Millennials on Pinterest are driving this heavy metal aesthetic.” Aluminum accents are a shortcut to bring the shiny trend into home decor.

Beckett Bar Cart
Williams Sonoma Beckett Bar Cart
1006 Navy Chair
Serpentine Toilet Paper Holder
Anthropologie Serpentine Toilet Paper Holder
Landon Coffee Table
Burke Decor Landon Coffee Table
Stainless-Steel Espresso Cup
Crate & Barrel Stainless-Steel Espresso Cup
Mid Century Wallpaper
York Wallcoverings Mid Century Wallpaper

2024 Interior Design Trend: Saturated Spaces

colorful sofa with geometric orange wall

asbe//Getty Images

Whether you want a pop of pink or a moody sitting room, 2024 is all about accessorizing with color. “From rich blacks and sultry navies to more lively hues of blues, greens, and even pinks, the color trends of 2024 advocate for a daring approach,” says Havenly design editor Heather Goerzen. “Excitingly, we’re observing a refreshing pushback against the ubiquitous all-white aesthetic. Whether through the application of monochromatic paints or the embrace of deep, saturated color schemes, color in all its glorious shades is reclaiming the spotlight.”

The expert notes that the trend manifests everywhere from painted alcoves and striking wallpapers to deep wood tones and evocative upholstery. “If ever there was a moment to unleash your color perspective,” Goerzen says, “it’s now.”

BADA BING! Interior Paint
Backdrop BADA BING! Interior Paint
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Velvet Hagen Dining Chair
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Storage Gems
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Sun Shower Pine
Quiet Town Sun Shower Pine
Sven Cascadia Blue Sofa
Article Sven Cascadia Blue Sofa

2024 Interior Design Trend: Updated Luxe Materials

Quiet luxury was never just about fashion; it also crept into the home. “A year ago, everything, everywhere, was light-washed oak, calacutta marble, and matte accents,” Havenly VP of creative and design Shelby Girard reflects. “At first, this felt like such a refreshing scene–it was simultaneously calm and inspiring, collected and effortless. However, with such widespread adoption, particularly with new builds, the aesthetic began to feel a little…expected.” That’s why, in 2024, we’re seeing a return to luxurious materials of yore.

“As traditional design is once again taking center stage, we’ve seen a backlash against the usual materials and a desire to seek out elements that in and of themselves are more unique, dramatic, and notable,” Girard explains. “Think richly veined marbles in a range of striking colors, lush velvets with added dimension, crystal chandeliers for a hint of glamour, dark wood tones that speak to heritage, and un-lacquered hardware for a lovely patina.”

Marble Plinth
Claudia Floral Chandelier
Anthropologie Claudia Floral Chandelier
Tahoe Cashmere Throw
Jenni Kayne Tahoe Cashmere Throw
Cowhide Rug
Brace Leather Chair
Saarinen Dining Table
Knoll Saarinen Dining Table

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