The 18 Best Natural Shampoos for a Satisfying Deep Clean

18 Best Natural Clean Shampoos of 2024Many of the best natural shampoos contain ingredients like aloe and coconut oil that are not only earth-friendly, but also key in nourishing and replenishing your hair. While it can sometimes be difficult to find effective hair care products that also contain gentler, cleaner ingredients, experts note that it’s definitely not impossible.

“Natural shampoos often don’t contain harsh detergents that can dry out the hair,” Grace Heffron, owner of Manely Curly Salon in Fayetteville, Arkansas, tells Bazaar. And since these formulas typically don’t contain ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or artificial fragrance, you might feel more at ease about watching them filter down your drain.

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Heffron adds that her favorite benefit of natural shampoo is their lack of synthetic fragrances, which aren’t closely monitored, and can sometimes have negative side effects. “Many of my clients have conveyed how much longer, thicker, and fuller their hair became after switching to natural products,” she notes. While natural cleansers may not provide the same sudsy and squeaky clean in-shower payoff you’re used to with a regular shampoo, some use ingredients, like coconut-based surfactants (chemicals that stabilize mixtures of oil and water), that make it easy to lather up.

Whether you’re looking to update your wash day staples or streamline the formulas in your go-to beauty products, we’ve rounded up a few of the best natural shampoos from top brands like Drunk Elephant, Mielle Organics, and more that are suitable for any hair type.


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