The 15 Best Hair and Scalp Oils For Your Healthiest Hair Ever

15 Best Scalp Oils for Hair in 2024Using one of the best scalp oils to treat dryness and boost hydration is nothing new, and actually has origins that lead back to the 5,000-year-old system of Indian Ayurvedic medicine—talk about having deep roots. Shalini Seneviratne, founder of holistic beauty brand Wildpatch, was raised in the tradition, and has been oiling her hair and scalp for as long as she can remember. The practice, she says, is, “The first beauty ritual many South Asians learn.”

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As for the rest of the world catching on to its myriad benefits, incorporating oil blends into a weekly or daily hair routine has become increasingly popular among beauty enthusiasts in recent years. In addition to stronger, thicker hair, and an overall healthier scalp, many of the best hair oils can also help boost shine and minimize frizz.

Whether your oil comes with a dropper or pointed nozzle for direct application, or is best used after adding a few drops to the palm of your hand, it’s hard to go wrong with the following favorites that come expert and shopper-approved. To achieve your healthiest hair yet, read on for some of our go-to slick picks.


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