The 12 Best Fragrance-Free Shampoos for Sensitive Scalps

It doesn’t matter if you added highlights or dyed your hair a new hue, color-treated hair must be treated with care. Without the right shampoo, your strands might appear dingy or brassy. That’s what so great about Superzero’s Purple Shampoo Bar, which is free of synthetic fragrances. Don’t let this assuming bar fool you: This ultra-concentrated cleanser offers as much shampoo as a conventional, 16-ounce bottle. (Translation: Though lathering this shampoo might require a learning curve, it offers excellent bang for your buck.)

Ultraviolet pigments are key in this bar as they enhance brightness and neutralize yellow, brassy undertones, making this a great get for blondes as well as those with highlights or white hair. (In fact, the brand claims 90 percent of users have noticed an improvement in their hair color.) Additionally, a cocktail of triolein, vegan keratin, and hemisqualane work together nourish the scalp, hydrate strands, and reduce frizz. And, since color-treated strands can be prone to damage, Superzero’s bond builder can help make the hair’s internal structure up to three times stronger than untreated hair.

What shoppers are saying:

“I have tried a lot of shampoo bars in my quest to cut down on plastic, and this one is the best I’ve found by far. The fact that it’s a purple shampoo that helps with light blonde hair is a great bonus. So many of the bars I’ve tried don’t lather up very well, or leave my hair feeling weighted-down. This one lathers easily and beautifully, and after each use, my hair feels soft and healthy.”—Merry