The 11 Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas Your Guests Will Love

While sleeper sofas are some of the most versatile and useful furniture pieces in a home, there are a few key things to look out for before purchasing. “First and foremost, you’ll want to look at the size of your space and determine what size sofa bed would fit best in it—both as a sofa and configured as a bed,” says Madison Adam, the interior design service manager at Article.

Also, as with all furniture, paying attention to materials can help you decide which piece will stand the test of time and be worth your dollar. “The materials of the sofa bed are another important detail to pay attention to,” Adam continues. “Steel frames, for example, are sturdy and more long-lasting than wooden frames. Cushions are also something to be mindful of, especially for sofas that don’t have a separate mattress to pull out. I recommend looking for cushions that are a mixture of foam and fiber, as they provide more structure and are lower maintenance without compromising on quality.”

Because most sleeper sofas involve multiple mechanisms, finding one that is easy to use and durable is key. “Quality is so important,” adds Brittany Farinas, CEO and Creative Director of House of One. “Look out for the mechanism. If it’s not seamless when you buy it, in about a year from now, it will be a nightmare.”