The 11 Best New Fragrances of 2024 (So Far)

11 Best New Fragrances of 2024 – New Perfumes Our Editors LoveIf the walls at Hearst Tower could talk, they would likely remark on the growing number of fragrance bottles lining the Bazaar beauty team’s desks.

One could say we’re scent-obsessed, stockpiling everything from what we consider some of the best perfumes of all time to coveted date night and intoxicating skin scents. Not a day goes by where we’re not spritzing on something, including at least one of the best new fragrances of 2024. Since the top of the year, Bazaar editors have kept their eyes (and noses) peeled for viral fragrance trends and the most anticipated releases.

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Currently in our rotations? Along with uplifting fruit-forward and barely-there powdery scents, like Chanel’s Comète Les Exclusifs de Chanel and Bulgari’s Allegra Chill & Sole eau de parfum, we’re equally obsessed with deeper, more mysterious perfumes of the moment, including Dior’s modern interpretation of a fragrance classic in New Look, and Gucci’s the Alchemist’s Garden, the Heart of Leo, with its notes of myrrh and black currant accord.

Keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll continue to update it with more of the best new fragrances of 2024 as we test them in person over the months to come—and rave about them over Slack.


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