Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to Star in New Show

The 2000s are calling—and they want Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie back on our TV screens.

Luckily, the iconic duo will indeed be returning very soon. In a joint Instagram post today, Hilton and Richie teased a forthcoming reality series on Peacock. The teaser shows a television set tuned to static. Through the fuzzy audio, the two can be faintly heard repeatedly singing, “Sanasa, sanasa…”—a long-running inside joke from their early-’00s reality show The Simple Life.

“New Era. Same Besties. 👯‍♀️ Coming soon to Peacock,” the caption reads.

While we don’t yet have any further details on the new series, we can likely expect a healthy dose of nostalgia to hit us once the new show eventually premieres.

Last December, Hilton and Richie celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Simple Life, which they starred in together from 2003 to 2007. “Happy 20th anniversary to show that started it all, The Simple Life!👯‍♀️✨,” Hilton wrote on Instagram at the time. “Filming this series with @NicoleRichie was one of the most special, hilarious and iconic times in my life.🥰 I’m so lucky to have these amazing memories!!”

Hilton reflected on her time in the generation-defining show during an interview for Harper’s Bazaar’s March 2023 cover story. In particular, she ruminated on the persona she developed while filming, drawing a distinction between her public image and her actual personality.

“That’s when the character really came out, because the producers wanted Nicole to be the troublemaker and [me to] be the airhead,” the heiress said. “Everyone assumed that’s who I was in real life.”

Of the intense scrutiny she endured at the time of filming, she added, “The way that I was treated—myself, Britney [Spears], Lindsay [Lohan], all of us—it was a sport. … We were just young girls discovering life, going out to a party. And we were villainized for it.”

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