Kylie Jenner’s Newest Fashion-Filled Photo Dump Proves Bodycon Will Never Go Out of Style

Trends come and go, but bodycon is forever. At least, that’s according to Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe, which frequently showcases form-fitting and curve-hugging pieces. Even as the fashion world seems to be increasingly shifting toward baggier and looser silhouettes (you might have noticed, for instance, slouchy barrel jeans’ rise in popularity over the last few months?), Jenner is so undeterred in her love of bodycon that she’s about to launch a whole new Khy collection in that exact style.

The 26-year-old fashion and beauty mogul teased the forthcoming drop in a new fashion-filled Instagram post shared yesterday. The snaps—accumulated over the course of the “long weekend,” according to her caption—appear to tease various garments from the fourth Khy collection.

One particular snap captures Jenner posing in a stretchy mesh beige maxi dress with a twisted one-shoulder detail and an asymmetrical neckline that flirtatiously crosses diagonally along her décolletage. Holding a bright red flower in one hand and standing in front of a seaside sunset, she makes the perfect case for bringing this dress with you to your next vacation.

kylie in a dress standing in a field with flowers and water in the background


The other pieces bear similar necklines and one-shoulder details. In another picture, she poses on a white set while wearing a minidress version, this one made of more opaque material. And in a separate selfie, Jenner lounges on a white couch in a slightly see-through dark gray top layered over a nude base.

kylie wearing a dress


kylie lying on a bed


Jenner, who launched Khy last fall, previously described the brand as “a platform for our customers to have the opportunity to experience fashion, through new designers and brands, but at a more accessible price.”

In a press release statement, she said, “Khy is a homage to the limitless possibilities of fashion. We are breaking down barriers and will redefine the meaning of a designer brand, with creativity and quality at a better price.”

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