Jenny Bird’s Hoops Are Too Good to Gatekeep

Being a fashion editor means spending each day at work surrounded by inspiring outfits—the kind that make me want to ask for credits on each and every item, from head (where a Sandy Liang bow is clipped) to toes (which are concealed in Alaïa or Tory Burch flats these days). I can usually bite my tongue before blurting out, “Where did you get that?!” Copy and pasting another person’s look is the antithesis of personal style, after all. But I’m grateful I made an exception for a pair of especially shiny hoops I noticed two Bazaar fashion editors wearing this fall.

The hoops that hypnotized me were Jenny Bird’s Tome hoop—a bubbly style that comes in silver and gold with a rounded stud backing. Bazaar senior fashion and accessories editor Jaclyn Alexandra Cohen didn’t blame me for clocking hers and wanting a pair of my own. “They’ve practically become an extension of my ear,” she told me over Slack. “I’m never not wearing these earrings. They’re the perfect weight, shine, and size.”

Bazaar staffers aren’t the first to become infatuated with Canadian designer Jenny Bird’s hoop earrings. They’re a daily staple among celebrities—in a moment of fashion diplomacy or just shared taste, both Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez started their earring stacks with the label’s Doune hoops on multiple occasions this year. But it’s the hollowed-out Tome model that’s gained a word-of-mouth, offline following among fashion editors. “It’s an all-star in our essential earring offering,” Jenny Bird (the designer) told me. “The voluminous tubular hoop is now a mainstay and since we offer it in three sizes, we’ve become the destination for them.”

bazaar editor jaclyn cohen walks down the street wearing jenny bird hoops in a editors review of jenny bird hoops

Getty / Daniel Edward

Jenny Bird Tome Hoops

Tome Hoops

I ended up going for a small, silver pair to get the same balloon shape without outright copying my colleagues. They’re a compliment to my new second and third piercings—where I’m still wearing my piercing shop-issued diamond studs. It didn’t take long to understand just why my coworkers aren’t switching out their hoops often: In addition to having a shine unrivaled by other earrings at a similar price point, their hollow form also makes them nearly feather-light. I’m usually a stickler about taking my earrings out at night, but I’ve spent more than a few evenings blissfully falling asleep with these in.

a woman wearing sunglasses

Senior fashion editor Jaclyn Alexandra Cohen wears her Jenny Bird Tome hoops with a white T-shirt and gold-tone jewelry…

Courtesy Jaclyn Alexandra Cohen
a fashion editor wears a pair of metal rimmed glasses and a turtleneck to illustrate a review of jenny bird hoop earrings

…while fashion commerce editor Halie LeSavage wears her silver Tome hoops with coordinating jewelry and neutral knitwear. 

Courtesy Halie LeSavage

The Tome hoop doesn’t have to be limited to one location if you have multiple piercings, or even one type of outfit. “The small Tome hoops look amazing in a second hole piercing with another statement earring below it,” Bird said. “They make a great everyday hoop on their own, too.”

When you love something, you want to wear it constantly—and maybe, you hope for people to ask where you found the piece you’re so obsessed with. As it turns out, I’m hardly the first person to ask who’s responsible for these perfect hoops. “I couldn’t gatekeep these if I tried—friends, family, even strangers at my bodega in Soho have stopped me to get ahold of where they can get these earrings,” Cohen said.

A few days after our conversation, I wore my silver hoops to meet a coworker I hadn’t seen in weeks. Like clockwork, she immediately asked where I found my earrings. Now everyone knows.

Tome Hoops - Small
Jenny Bird Tome Hoops – Small
Tome Hoops - Medium
Jenny Bird Tome Hoops – Medium
Tome Hoops - Medium
Jenny Bird Tome Hoops – Medium
Tome Hoops - Large
Jenny Bird Tome Hoops – Large
Tome Hoops - Large
Jenny Bird Tome Hoops – Large

Halie LeSavage is the fashion commerce editor at Harper’s BAZAAR. Her style reporting covers everything from reviewing the best designer products to profiling emerging brands and designers. Previously, she was the founding retail writer at Morning Brew and a fashion associate at Glamour.