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There’s only one thing better than wearing glamorous, stunning jewelry—wearing glamorous, stunning jewelry that you designed. This is exactly what Julia Roberts got to do at the launch of her Chopard collection in Los Angeles.

The Pretty Woman star’s relationship with the luxury brand stretches back into 2021, when she became the face of their Happy Sport Watch. A couple years later, in May 2023, Roberts was named Chopard’s global ambassador for all its women’s watches, high jewelry, and luxury jewelry collections. Yesterday, she unveiled her first-ever jewelry collection that she co-designed with Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director.

chopard x julia roberts collection launch and dinner

Phillip Faraone//Getty Images

For the big day, Roberts made a grand entrance in a crisp white button down that she left unbuttoned at the top and wore with the sleeves scrunched up to her elbows. She tucked the dress shirt into the most voluminous black satin midi skirt, which featured dramatic tiers of pleated ruffles and a wide waistband that inched up to her bust, which she cinched tightly with a glossy black belt. She paired the pieces, which all hail from Carolina Herrera’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, with classic black pointed-toe pumps. For beauty, Roberts kept her glam rosy and glowy, complete with a peachy-pink blush and a natural lip, and styled her light-brown hair down in soft waves with a slight side part.

Roberts’s ensemble served as the perfect canvas to show off her creations: a massive circular ring, magnificent tear-drop earrings, and a mesmerizing statement necklace that had three strings of stones falling from its center: vibrant, opulent emeralds, turquoise, and rubellites that shimmered gloriously as they caught the light.

Roberts spoke to Town and Country about what her debut collection means to her: “Whether it’s me knitting a sweater or Caroline making these stunningly beautiful things with these incredible gems, I think anything that one participates in making, you’re putting all of that intention into it. That, to me, is ultimately what the product is for the person who created it. You see all the effort and attention that went into it and everybody else sees the dazzle. I will probably always look at this collection and just think, ‘Oh yeah, that was our first collaboration.’ And I hope I get the chance to do it again.”

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