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There’s a new moon rising on Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse’s parenting life. While attending the Dior menswear show at Paris Fashion Week this past Friday, Pattinson opened about the baby girl he and Waterhouse welcomed in March—and the fact that she’s starting to show a little bit of her personality.

The moment was captured in a video clip posted to X (formerly known as Twitter), in which Pattinson is seen talking to a friend about his life as a new father. “I swear, it makes you feel very old and very young at the same time,” he says, with a laugh.

Then, the Tenet star goes on to note how quickly his little girl seems to be growing up, adding, “You know, I’m amazed by how quickly their personality comes [through]. In just three months I’m like, ‘Oh, I can see who she is already.’ It’s amazing. It’s great.”

Pattinson and Waterhouse first started dating sometime in 2018. The singer-songwriter announced her pregnancy in November 2023, when she took the stage in Mexico City and let slip that she was expecting. “I thought I’d wear something sparkly to distract you from something else I’ve got going on,” she said, while cradling her belly. “I’m not sure it’s working.”

Waterhouse confirmed the arrival of their baby girl in April, a few weeks after she was born, when she posted a Polaroid photo to Instagram that saw her holding the newborn. The singer chose not to reveal the name of the infant, instead writing, “Welcome to the world angel ❤️.” Since then, she and Pattinson have kept details about their child under wraps, but they have been spotted on a few family strolls through Hollywood.

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