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If anyone can pull off jorts, it’s Emily Ratajkowski.

On Friday, the model stepped out with her dog Colombo for a walk around New York City. She showed off her street style with a cropped black tank top that showed off her matching black bra straps, as well as a pair of light blue mid-rise jean shorts with frayed hems. As she held her dog’s leash in one hand, she used the other to pull up her slightly baggy bottoms.

new york, ny june 14 emily ratajkowski is seen on june 14, 2024 in new york city photo by ignatbauer griffingc images


Ratajkowski kept her long brown hair up in a black claw clip, accessorizing with a matching pair of black wraparound sunglasses and gold hoop earrings. Her black shoes, a mix of fashion and function, featured multiple criss-cross straps and pronounced arches—almost as if she were wearing dance shoes. Leave it to the model to wear not-so-basic basics.

a woman in a white dress


This isn’t the first time Ratajkowski has used her Husky-German Shepherd mix as an accessory, either. Just the day prior, the My Body author stepped out in a a knit viscose midi skirt and a matching pointelle top from Gimaguas, contrasting the delicate look with a chunky pair of Brain Dead × Oakley Factory hiking shoes. She showed off her sheer ensemble as she walked her dog around and grabbed coffee.

Earlier this month, she also took to the streets of New York to model her latest bikini, wearing only a triangle bikini top, thong bottom, and Vans sneakers. The matching swim set, from Ratajkowski’s own swimwear brand Inamorata, featured red, white, and yellow graphics.


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