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The first weekend of the 23rd Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has officially wrapped, and as expected, the 2024 edition has been quite the headline-grabbing spectacle so far, thanks to a number of A-list cameos, memorable fashion moments, and showstopping artistic statements.

The attendees who flooded Indio, California, to see performances by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Tyla, Sabrina Carpenter, and more artists were treated to a number of special moments, like Olivia Rodrigo performing with No Doubt, a Lauryn Hill cameo, a rare Rihanna sighting, and a Kesha rewrite. And with one more weekend of Coachella to go, we have a feeling this is just the beginning. Ahead, see all the top moments from weekend one of Coachella 2024.

No Doubt’s reunion includes a surprise appearance by Olivia Rodrigo.

2024 coachella valley music and arts festival weekend 1 day 2

John Shearer//Getty Images

Gwen Stefani reunited with her former alt-rock group Saturday night, and the squad performed a collection of hits, including “Don’t Speak,” “Hella Good,” “Underneath It All,” and “Spiderwebs.”

But before launching into “Bathwater,” Stefani welcomed a surprise guest onstage: Olivia Rodrigo. The Gen Z superstar was wearing an “I Love ND” tank and a pair of black slacks, and she was welcomed by Stefani, who referred to her as her “little vampire.”

“I remember hearing [‘Bathwater’] for the first time when I had just started writing songs,” Rodrigo wrote on Instagram following the performance. “It totally turned my world on its head and inspires me to this day. was the coolest honor to sing it with @nodoubt and @gwenstefani this weekend at @coachella !!!! they’re out of this world!!!! 🌏🌹❤️.”

Lana Del Rey enters the venue on a motorcycle.

For the first time since 2014, Lana Del Rey returned to the Coachella stage, serving as the evening’s headliner on Friday. And she made quite the grand entrance on the back of a motorbike, as seen here.

Outfitted in a sparkly blue minidress from Dolce & Gabbana and equally dazzling cowboy boots, the singer looked like she really was in her cowboy era—except her ride didn’t quite whinny, it purred.

Doja Cat’s avant-garde production features mud pits and yetis.

music photos from day three at coachella music festival

Dania Maxwell//Getty Images

In no major surprise, Doja Cat’s headlining set on Sunday night was quite the unforgettable display. Just in terms of fashion alone, the rapper changed into everything from a hazmat suit to a shaggy fur bikini set. However, it was perhaps the production quality that really brought her performance to a whole new level, from the dancing yetis (on whom Doja twerked) to a giant mud pit the rapper slid into while performing her track “Wet Vagina.”

Lauryn Hill joins son YG Marley onstage.

2024 coachella valley music and arts festival weekend 1 day 3

Arturo Holmes//Getty Images

During her son YG Marley’s set, Lauryn Hill made a surprise appearance in a bright yellow Balmain pantsuit decorated with a design inspired by Ghanaian visual artist Prince Gyasi.

Hill performed a number of her hits, including “Ex-Factor” and “Lost Ones,” and she was joined by fellow Fugee Wyclef Jean for a rendition of “Killing Me Softly.” Later, the pair was also joined by Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star.

Reneé Rapp brings out Kesha to sing a revised version of “Tik Tok.”

2024 coachella valley music and arts festival weekend 1 day 3

Emma McIntyre//Getty Images

In her Coachella debut, Mean Girls star Reneé Rapp brought out Kesha for a surprise performance of the latter’s hit “Tik Tok.” However, fans got a surprise when Kesha hit the stage (sporting a shirt that read: “I’m Mothering”) and ended up changing one of the lyrics in the chart-topping song.

While the studio recording of the 2009 track begins with the line “Wake up in the morning feelin’ like P. Diddy,” the singer changed the lyric on Sunday, singing, “Wake up in the morning like fuck P. Diddy.” (The change came in light of the sexual assault allegations the rapper is facing.)

Rihanna makes a surprise appearance.

a man and woman in garment


Leave it to RiRi to steal the show when she’s not even onstage. The stylish singer and her beau, A$AP Rocky, must’ve gotten a babysitter for the night on Saturday, because they were spotted in the Coachella crowd watching the set by friend Tyler, the Creator.

For the event, Rihanna wore a gray hoodie and black leather skirt, which she paired with a furry cream cape and thigh-high leather boots from Alexander Wang. To round out the fit, she accessorized with a pair of blonde shield sunglasses and stacks of silver necklaces. Whether she’s headed out to dinner or attending a music festival, rest assured that Rihanna will always bring her best.

Victoria Monét asks fans to “stop the hate.”

Fresh off a string of Grammy wins, Victoria Monét slid in a political statement during her energetic Coachella set on Sunday.

As seen in a fan video (quoted by Billboard), the R&B star took a moment to tell the audience, “Stop the wars, stop the hate, stop the genocides, stop motherfucking hating. Live with love. Stop thinking so small. You need to be thinking big, bitch. Think big, bitch.”

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