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Bella Hadid has a new man in her life.

The supermodel was spotted kissing and holding hands with cowboy Adan Banuelos in October 2023, at the Fort Worth Stockyards in the Texas city—months after she split from art director Marc Kalman. The two even wore coordinating jeans and boots, and were seen stopping by several shops together.

The relationship seems to be fairly new, but here, we break down everything we know about the lucky man.

Who is he?

Banuelos is a Mexican-American horseman. He lives in Forth Worth, Texas, and is the son of Ascencion Banuelos, the first Mexican-American ever inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame.

What does he do?

Banuelos is not just your average equestrian—he’s actually a big star in the horse-riding world. In 2017, he was inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame, as one of the youngest inductees of all time, and in 2020 he won the NCHA Futurity Open Championship.

Apart from his own success as a performance horseman, he now specializes in training and showing cutting horses. He also trains riders.

How did he meet Bella?

It’s unclear, but as we know, Hadid loves horses too. She grew up riding and recently returned to competitive equestrianism following a hiatus due to her Lyme disease. So while Hadid has a megastar life of her own due to her modeling career, she and Banuelos may run in the same competitive horse-riding circles.

Bella subtly made their romance Instagram official.

In January, Hadid shared a series of photos that captured her experience participating in a competition hosted by the NCHA, in which she rode bay roan stallion Metallic Tito to compete in the Limited Amateur category. Among the photos was a sweet snap of herself excitedly smiling and holding hands with Banuelos. A video included in the same post also shows Hadid riding horseback as Banuelos, also on horseback, watches her from the sidelines.

“Never stop trying new things. I feel lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep learning in life. ❤️,” Hadid captioned the post. “Thank you Tito , I will never stop loving on you like this!”

And she posted Adan for Valentine’s Day.

In February 2024, the supermodel officially confirmed their romance with a sweet Valentine’s Day tribute posted to her Instagram Story. The snap shows Banuelos—wearing a denim button-up, jeans, and a black baseball cap—on horseback while holding hands with Hadid, who stands against a railing. She wears a black graphic T-shirt, bootcut jeans, brown cowboy boots, and a green camo cap.

“My valentine,” she captioned the photo.

bella hadid and adan banuelos pic


And they celebrated her birthday together.

On February 16, 2024, Hadid shared photos and videos from her 27th birthday celebration, which took place back on October 9, 2023. In several of them, she appears with Banuelos, with whom she coordinated in a sleek cowboy outfit.

In one particular clip, Hadid leans in to kiss her man as they sit at a table at a ranch. She looks incredible in a blue denim bustier top and black jeans cinched by a black belt with a big silver heart-shaped buckle, and black leather boots. Banuelos wears a striped light blue button-down with black blue jeans and a brown belt with a gold buckle. They both accessorize with matching black cowboy hats.

And she supported him at his American Performance Horseman event.

On March 8, 2024, Hadid attends The American Performance Horseman by Teton Ridge at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, to support her man. She is all smiles, laughs, and cheers as Banuelos competes in various western equine sports. Fittingly, she dresses the part in a sparkly brown camisole top, black leather pants, a black choker necklace with a silver horeshoe-like charm, and a brown cowgirl hat. She looks radiant with glowy makeup and natural hair.

After his performance, Banuelos and Hadid are captured looking so in love. The two gaze into each other’s eyes adoringly as she caresses his face and he holds her at the arms and waist. Banuelos looks every inch like the cowboy he is in dark wash jeans, a black button down shirt, and a matching hat. See all the photos below:

the american performance horseman by teton ridge

Click Thompson//Getty Images

the american performance horseman by teton ridge

Carolyn Simancik//Getty Images

the american performance horseman by teton ridge

Carolyn Simancik//Getty Images

Bella moved to Texas to be closer to him.

TMZ reported that the supermodel purchased a house in a rural neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas, in order to be closer to Banuelos. The outlet noted that Banuelos also owns a home in the same neighborhood and that he and Hadid often split their time between the two properties.


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