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Jennifer Lopez wasn’t playing around when she attended Dior’s Fall 2024 couture show today in Paris. While the multitalented star has been sporting a lot of off-duty looks recently, from crisp button-ups and jeans to vibrant sets on solo Italian vacays, she looked ready for business (and perhaps some super-spy sleuthing) in the fit she chose for the front row at the Musée Rodin.

Lopez arrived in a long camel dress that looked like a trench coat reimagined for the runway. The sleeveless ensemble was slightly asymmetrical, in that the top half swirled around her body with a corner of material jutting off to the side, creating a dramatic square shoulder. However, the skirt was much more symmetrical, with pleats along the waist that slowly smoothed into a wide, A-line skirt. In a few snaps from Lopez’s Instagram, you can see she draped a cape over her shoulders that was made of the same material.

christian dior photocall paris fashion week haute couture fallwinter 2024 2025

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis//Getty Images

Jenny From the Block added a darker edge by way of her accessories, which included a pair of jet-black ruched gloves and a similarly inky handbag, which featured bubbly leather on the sides and gold hardware that helped it pop. As for her shoes, Lopez wore a pair of satin platform heels in a dark champagne. She also threw on a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses.

J.Lo’s hair was pulled back and left in tight curls that slightly framed her face—a rare beauty look for the singer and actor, who usually opts for loose waves or straight locks. Otherwise, she kept it subtle with a nude lip and light blush, and she sported a pair of dainty pendant earrings in the shape of roses. Good to see Lopez’s love affair with Dior isn’t ending any time soon.

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