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Rihanna delivered a number of show-stopping looks after touching down in China this weekend.

While the star was there to attend a Fenty Beauty pop-up shop at the Shanghai Photography Museum, that didn’t stop her from turning the event into her own personal runway. Extra as ever, RiRi compiled all her looks into one big video on Instagram, sharing photos of her fits (and fans) at the pop-up.

rihanna on may 26 wearing a black leather trench coat while in shanghai, china for her fenty beauty pop up

Courtesy of Instagram/@badgirlriri//Instagram

For her first ensemble, the mogul looked all business in a black leather trench coat. She mixed in a little bit of pleasure by wearing nothing underneath, and styled the jacket with a pair of matching black leather gloves that reached beyond her elbows. RiRi accessorized with a delicate tennis necklace and black stilettos, as well as a pair of translucent black wraparound sunglasses. In one photo, she even added a stuffed panda toy to her ensemble.

As the event did celebrate her beauty line, she finished off her look with a bold red lip. She wore her blonde hair straightened in a middle part, every once in a while flinging her long locks over her shoulder. For her next look, she added a bold bang to her blowout, and switched out her red lip for a more neutral mauve.

rihanna on may 26 wearing a black leather trench coat while in shanghai, china for her fenty beauty pop up

Courtesy of Instagram/@badgirlriri//Instagram

Rihanna then transitioned to a bold red turtleneck dress that featured a shiny top and long bubble skirt. Made with individual loops of red fabric, the skirt wrapped around her right leg, revealing a thigh-high slit with every step the singer took. She complemented the avant-garde look with another pair of long leather gloves, although these matched the vibrant red of her outfit. Pointed red heels finished off her second ensemble.

After some formal ‘fits, the Fenty Beauty founder decided to lean into a laidback look with a pair of baggy blue jeans with ribbed detailing at the knees. She cuffed the high-waisted denim to show off her pointy black heels, securing her pants with a black belt and what looked to be a red Chinese knot (a symbol of good luck). Up top, she wore a black top and a boxy yet buttery black leather jacket. She quite literally capped off her outfit with a black leather baseball hat.

RiRi’s final ensemble once again utilized a trench coat, but traded in the long leather one for a shorter, navy version. The musician wore the outerwear fully buttoned-up and used a tie at the waist to cinch her look. Underneath, she seemed to be wearing a tan skirt with a slight slit. Strappy, barely-there nude heels finished her outfit as she opted to wear her straight blonde hair down with statement bangs.

While Rihanna’s parade of outfits were the highlight of her compilation video, other shots included videos of her serving dumplings at the pop-up, flaunting her beauty line, and greeting eager fans with “Rihanna” signs. All things considered, it looks like the singer had a fun (and fashionable) time during her visit.


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