Bella Hadid Closes Out Cannes in Vintage Versace

Bella Hadid closed out her Cannes style streak with a major vintage moment.

After stepping out in a golden ’90s minidress from Versace, the supermodel opted for a romantic all-white gown from Atelier Versace’s Spring 1998 collection. The slightly sheer silk dress was very of its era, flaunting a boatneck, fluttery skirt, and squiggly silver sequin embroidery.

Clusters of white beads decorated the gown as well, including at the rear of the dress, where the fabric plunged dramatically (nearly to the end of Hadid’s back). A risqué string of dangling white beads bridged the gap at the waist.

Looking like a ’90s prom queen, the model accessorized with a matching sheer white scarf, which she effortlessly draped across her elbows. She walked across the cobblestone streets of Cannes in shining silver stilettos—a fashionable feat—as she waved to nearby fans. She wore standout diamond earrings that cascaded into three separate strings of crystals, and matched the look with two large diamond rings, one of which also held a glittering red ruby.

Hadid’s glam leaned into the same decade as her gown, borrowing from ’90s trends including ultra-thin eyebrows, smoky brown eye shadow, and brown lipstick. Her long brown hair, slicked back into an updo with defined curls, coordinated well with the retro look.

Though the supermodel’s time in Cannes was brief—she touched down in the Riviera only last week—she made it count with a number of head-turning looks. Many of them came courtesy of Versace, including her incredible black sequin gown and glowing vintage minidress. And as much as her naked Saint Laurent look was a departure from her usual wardrobe, Hadid’s Versace run seemed to be a return to form.


Maya Ernest is an editor who covers everything from the latest fashion news to features that investigate personal style, social media trends, and thoughtful consumption.