Angelina Jolie Matches Her Shawl to Her Coat

Angelina Jolie sticks to the wardrobe staples she knows and loves. This sartorial tendency is never more apparent than in the wintertime, when she is often photographed wearing different versions of the same silhouettes, usually within the same minimalist palette. During the chilly months, when dressing is all about countless layers for extreme temperatures, she proves that everyone needs a no-fuss uniform to fall back on all season long.

She once again brought out her signature outfit template for an outing in New York City on Thursday. Jolie is basically the patron of long streamlined coats, and she repped a gray double-breasted iteration while waving to paparazzi outside of her apartment. The coat happened to come with a matching speckled gray shawl, which the Oscar winner draped luxuriously around her neck.

angelina jolie wearing a grey coat and sunglasses holding a purse

Another staple the Maleficent star often relies on? A large designer tote bag. Instead of carrying the quilted lambskin YSL shopping bag that frequently makes a cameo in her street style, Jolie instead hung another black leather rectangular tote in the crook of her arm. It featured a textured diamond quilted pattern and two shoulder straps. To cap off the ensemble, she added just a few more black elements: wide-leg trousers, leather boots, and slightly oversize wayfarer shades.

Jolie talked about her penchant for a classic trench coat in a December 2023 interview with WSJ. Magazine, citing her kids as one driving force behind her mature style. “I’ve been a mom, and I’ve fully absorbed that into who I am,” she told the outlet. “My daughter jokes that I wear too many trench coats. It’s just like a hiding thing.”

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