64 Gifts for New Dads That He Will Love

64 Best Gifts for New Dads in 2024The best gifts for new dads are those that combine both functionality and fun: Practical baby gadgets and gear are guaranteed to make his life a little bit easier with a newborn, while time spent on his hobbies and self-care routine is also essential for keeping him sane.

As is also the case for pregnant women and new moms, you want to spoil a new dad a bit with luxuries, to make him feel like the human he is. But similarly, you know how appreciated a beautiful baby carrier or a safe yet aesthetically pleasing bouncer is to help alleviate the many tasks and all the stresses that come with caring for a little one.

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And we know that shopping for men is often tough. They either say they don’t need anything or have everything, leaving you scratching your head for something genius to give. But that’s where our edit comes in. From monitors, trackers, and bottle washers for the tech-loving kind keen on modern parenting to personalized gifts and small indulgences solely to boost Dad’s serotonin, these ideas will warm his heart even beyond the way his new bundle already has—hello, comfy athleisure, revitalizing body mist, and gourmet chocolates.

Even simple things—like coffee, a fitness subscription, or an Uber Eats gift card so he doesn’t have to cook—truly go a long way in showing thoughtfulness during a special yet typically overwhelming time. Same goes for diapers, formula, and anti-colic bottles, or something for his home, like new sheets, a candle, or blackout shades (which he’ll most definitely need to nurture healthy newborn sleep).

Of course, you can go big with your gift, be it a crib for the nursery, a detoxifying sauna (if he has the space), or a foldable treadmill, so he can squeeze in a sweat session during nap time. Whatever your gifting style or budget, look ahead for 64 genius gifts for a new dad, whether he’s your brother, husband, best friend, or coworker.


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